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A little console app that helps you download and run the tools from SysInternals.

In no way affiliated with, or endorsed by, the good people of SysInternals
(In fact, we hope they don't find out about us!)

Example of Usage, List all sysinternals tools

if you type:

SysI.exe -?

Then it will tell you all the tools that are available (showing executable in yellow, and help files in green)


Example of Usage: Run a SysInternals tool

If you type:

SysI.exe ProcMon.exe /NoEula

It will download ProcMon.exe (if you don't already have it) and then run it, with the parameter "/NoEula"

If you do already have ProcMon, but want to force a new download, then add a "!" to the end of the file name.

SysI.exe ProcMon.exe! /NoEula

Example of Usage: Get ALL SysInternals tools

If you type

SysI.exe *

It will download all of the tools (well, the ones you don't already have)

To force a re-download of all tools, including ones you already have, add an exclamation mark after the *, like this:

SysI.exe *!

Blog entry with more info here: secretGeek article about sysi

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